I recorded this video a few years ago. It was June 2017, and I had just graduated from college. Getting to that point in life was a dream come true for me. Although I was beyond happy, I knew that there are many other international students like myself who are trying to accomplish their goal of studying in the U.S.

The funny thing: the most challenging aspects of studying in a foreign country have little to do with your academics. One of these aspects is securing and maintaining a student visa. This part of the application process was probably the most nerve-racking for me, because – believe it or not – you can get accepted to universities and even receive full funding, but you might be denied a student visa.

I posted this video on YouTube hoping that someone will find it helpful to see what my experience getting my student visa was like. Three and a half years later, this video was viewed almost 3,000 times by people from all over the world. Some students even send me emails telling me that they passed their visa interview and how watching this video helped them. This is extremely gratifying. I hope that I’ll be able to help many more international students with my work in the future.

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